Your Amazon account is suspended, now what? I hear it all day long, someone gets one negative feedback and Amazon says enough is enough and will suspend your account. They hold your funds for 90-days and if you’re lucky you’ll get a email letting you know what happened. If you’re unlucky Amazon will simple delete your account and let you figure out what to do next. Seriously Amazon will delete your account without a word. When you try to login you won’t be able to. You’ll get a notice saying your password is incorrect. Even if you reset your password it won’t help things. That’s just one way Amazon let’s you know they suspended your account.

If you have recently been suspended by Amazon let me know about it. We all make mistakes and I feel we shouldn’t be punished and suspended without warning. Even BRAND NEW accounts are shut down even before sending out any items. It happens all the time! Amazon will suspend your account just because.

If you want to get back on Amazon and you’re tired of being suspended then you’re going to need Amazon Ghost. It’s a complete step by step guide to getting back on Amazon without being linked or suspended again. If you read the guide already, then let me know how it worked for you.

Good luck everyone!

Originally posted 2010-12-30 15:32:18.