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Amazon Ghost (Amazon Stealth eBook) is a book which aims to help those who have had their Amazon accounts blocked. It is relatively easy to recover an account on eBay or PayPal, but it’s a completely different story on Amazon. Amazon uses very advanced techniques and tools to trace identities. If you fail to follow Amazon’s rules then your account will be suspended without any notification from Amazon. If you are fortunate enough you will receive an email from Amazon mentioning the reason behind the suspension. However, in many cases, Amazon bans accounts without prior notification. In such cases, every time you try to login to your Amazon account, all you will get is a message stating that “Password is incorrect”. This is the one ways Amazon likes to let you know that your account is suspended. You may attempt to reset your password but that effort would just go to waste. And like rubbing salt to a wound, Amazon will also hold your funds for at least 90 days.

Of course, it is possible that you made a mistake unintentionally, but this doesn’t have to mean that your account should be suspended without any notification or warning. But we can’t deny the fact that this is Amazon’s policy, and we can absolutely do nothing about it. What we can do is, legally follow some steps that will help you get back on Amazon and continue selling.

But the question is this: Where will you get that information? The answer is really simple. All answers are systematically incorporated in Amazon Ghost (amazon stealth eBook). You can avail this eBook in order to effectively deal with Amazon’s policies and suspension. The steps and techniques required to get you back on Amazon have been heavily researched laid out in step-by-step fashion to get you back on Amazon and quickly as possible without any further lost accounts.

We know how vexing it is to find your account banned without even a single idea why and how it happened. We can help you avoid this situation by following the steps outlined in the Amazon Ghost (Amazon stealth guide). This eBook will not only tell you the possible reasons behind the suspension but will also teach you how to overcome such situations. We understand your aggravation of being suspended by Amazon and offer you the complete step-by-step solution to get your Amazon account back!

Good luck!

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Amazon Account Suspended

Your Amazon account is suspended, now what? I hear it all day long, someone gets one negative feedback and Amazon says enough is enough and will suspend your account. They hold your funds for 90-days and if you’re lucky you’ll get a email letting you know what happened. If you’re unlucky Amazon will simple delete your account and let you figure out what to do next. Seriously Amazon will delete your account without a word. When you try to login you won’t be able to. You’ll get a notice saying your password is incorrect. Even if you reset your password it won’t help things. That’s just one way Amazon let’s you know they suspended your account.

If you have recently been suspended by Amazon let me know about it. We all make mistakes and I feel we shouldn’t be punished and suspended without warning. Even BRAND NEW accounts are shut down even before sending out any items. It happens all the time! Amazon will suspend your account just because.

If you want to get back on Amazon and you’re tired of being suspended then you’re going to need Amazon Ghost. It’s a complete step by step guide to getting back on Amazon without being linked or suspended again. If you read the guide already, then let me know how it worked for you.

Good luck everyone!

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Amazon Suspension

Have you recently received a suspension notice from Amazon? Is your account blocked and funds being held for 90-days?

The reason Amazon suspends an account is usually due to low feedback, complaints against you, the type of items you’re selling or they link you to blocked or suspended account and decide to shut you down. It’s not fair right?

It’s said that only around 10% to 20% of customers actually leave feedback. It’s a chore on it’s own to get enough feedback to make Amazon happy. On top of that what if you’re too slow on delivery.. one complaint against a brand new account is usually enough to get a suspension. Not to mention a complaint of the QUALITY of items you’re selling is usually an instant suspension for any seller. Selling high-end items on Amazon is risky business.

After an Amazon suspension you can attempt to fight it and reply back for reinstatement (Amazon will listen) but the chances of getting your account back is pretty slim. Especially for A-to-Z issues or selling high-risk items. If you just made a simple mistake for example slow delivery of items you may get a second chance and get your suspension reversed. I wouldn’t hold you breath for a reinstatement though.

There are ways to get back on Amazon after a suspension. If you’re trying to get back on Amazon and you’re having a hard time let me here about it and I’ll try to help.

Post you questions in the comments section.

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Amazon Suspension Troubles?

If your Amazon seller account has been suspended or blocked by Amazon, then keep reading. Thousands of people each day are blocked by Amazon for little to no reason. You could be happily selling one day and the next shut down forever! What happens when you lose your account? Your account is blocked, even removed completely sometimes. Yes, you will try and login to your Amazon account only to find it completed removed.

So how do you get back on Amazon after losing your account? Well, the first thing you need to do is to clean your computer. Amazon is able to track your IP address, browser cookies, flash objects, personal account details among other things to link you to a previous blocked account. Amazon’s way of tracking and linking your accounts is MUCH more advanced then eBay or PayPal. I even suspect they utilize 3rd party websites to track members. You know those websites that display Amazon advertising? Amazon can easily utilize these sites to track you. In other words Amazon is everywhere. Any Amazon affiliate can be a spy linking your accounts if you’re not careful.

I recommend reading Amazon Ghost if you want to learn how to get over your Amazon suspension and blocked accounts. The guide will shows you how to create new Amazon accounts without becoming linked and shut down again. It shows you step by step what you need to do to create your accounts. It lists ways to create your account without get suspended over and over again. It was created with advance and notice users in mind.

If you have been blocked by Amazon and you want to get back to selling, then read Amazon Ghost today.

Good luck!

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Amazon Stealth (What it Means)

What is Amazon Stealth? The term ‘stealth’ in association with Amazon and eBay was coined by members of the eBay Suspension and PayPal Limited forums years ago to give name to the process of creating unlinked eBay, PayPal and Amazon seller accounts. It was first seen with eBay Stealth in 2008 which was created by aspkin and Mik3 (from of the above mentioned forums) and then again in 2010 with the release of Amazon Ghost, another guide by aspkin.

Suspended AccountThe process of creating an Amazon stealth account is much more involved then it is with eBay and PayPal. It’s not a simple task of removing browser cookies and Flash objects and then going from there. Amazon tracks your browser footprint including user agent, headers, plugin details, time zone, system fonts, etc. Also your IP address, browser cookies, name, email address and much more. In essence a stealth account means new personal account details. That’s the easy part.

The hard part is creating your stealth account without being linked to any other accounts. That’s why forums, blogs and even eBooks like Amazon Ghost were created to help honest sellers get back on Amazon.

That’s what Amazon stealth means. It’s a term used years ago with the release of ‘eBay Stealth‘ and then it carried over to Amazon, where ‘Amazon Ghost’ was born.

Note: The guide released by in my opinion is a complete waste of money. The author Dino Vidovic simply rehashed information from eBay Stealth, even using some of the same images and wording from the eBook and slapped the name ‘Amazon Stealth’ on it. This is not Amazon Stealth. In my opinion it’s complete crap.

The only Amazon stealth guide I recommend is from aspkin, Amazon Ghost.

Is your Amazon account suspended or blocked? Maybe I can help, leave your questions in the comments section.

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Amazon Account Suspension

In any situation, a suspended or blocked account is a bane to our daily lives. We have to go through all of the hassles of not being able to continue any transaction because we are prohibited to, due to the account being under suspension. The same is true about Amazon.

Amazon started out by selling books online, and has branched out to selling other things, with DVDs, music CDs, electronics and toys to name a few. If you are familiar with eBay, then you should have an idea of what and how Amazon works.

The greatest problem that users could ever encounter is account suspension. In fact, a lot of people have fallen victim to Amazon Suspension. They log on to their account, only to find out that they can’t because they are suspended. Or they might have gotten a letter from Amazon saying that their account is subjected to suspension. In some cases, the user doesn’t even know the reason behind the Amazon Suspension.

The Amazon Suspension could stem from various reasons, but all of them due to violations of certain rules imposed by Amazon. Users who got suspended won’t be able to login to their accounts, and is prohibited from doing any transactions. It is a very sticky situation indeed to those who are using Amazon as a means of generating income.

Luckily, there’s a way around that problem. Ever heard of stealth accounts? Normally, when people get suspended or banned, they won’t be able to create new accounts, thanks to Amazon’s sophisticated tools that track and link people’s identity. Stealth accounts address that problem. As the name suggests, it is an account that can sneak past Amazon’s defenses, thus allowing the uses to have an account back at Amazon. Thanks to that, Amazon Suspension could easily be solved.

To know more about stealth accounts and how to create them, try getting a copy of Amazon Ghost. Amazon Ghost is your guide to stealth accounts and everything there is to know about Amazon.

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Amazon Suspension

Conducting business through the Internet has improved leaps and bounds in the last few years. It has become such a prolific industry, and admittedly has helped plenty of budding entrepreneurs in launching their businesses with the minimal cost. One of the major examples of that is of course, no other than Amazon.

Amazon allows people to create their own account and sell their stuff through their online system. They implement stringent regulations to create a credible and trustworthy community, so that people will and won’t hesitate to shop on their website for the fear of getting scammed by fraud sellers. All of those who are caught guilty and broke the rules get some sort of punishment in return, either by getting suspended or banned from their system.

It is just ironic though that plenty of innocent users also fall victim to Amazon Suspension, thanks in part to the very rules and regulations that were designed to protect them in the first place. Buyers may file complaints against sellers who have done them wrong, either by scamming them or shipping them the wrong item. This could prove to be a double edged sword, because competitors could use this to bring the other party down.

Now, let me get back to the topic. Amazon Suspension is a big deal, because every day that your business is offline, you’re no different from a boat with a hole right through the bottom of the hull. You’re sinking, because you’re losing money. In business, going out of commission even for just a day is a bad situation. What’s worse is that you’ll lose the trust of the customers. It’s a common knowledge that customers are sort of like the life of a business. Without customers, no one would buy your products and services. No buyer means no income.

It is in your best interest as a seller to conduct your business honestly. Earning the trust of the customers is one of the best ways to avoid getting that dreaded Amazon Suspension. And in case you do become a victim, there’s always a solution.

Stealth accounts are the most viable solution when you fall a victim to Amazon Suspension. Amazon Ghost is an eBook which teaches you how to create stealth accounts, so that you could continue doing business online, even after suffering from a suspended or banned account.

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Amazon Stealth (Amazon Ghost) eBook

Is your Amazon account suspended?  Are you blacklisted on Amazon? Then I’m sure you’re sicken to your stomach and frustrated. Would you like to know the solution to your problem and how you can get back on Amazon and continue selling without another suspension? I introduce you to Amazon Ghost (Amazon Stealth eBook) by Aspkin. Amazon Ghost is a complete step-by-step guide which shows you how to easily get back on Amazon and stay on. It has been heavily researched and tested with hundreds of sellers to successfully get them back on Amazon. Are you next?

If you have tried and failed to get back on Amazon, you’re not alone. You’re among thousands and hundreds more everyday whom have been banned by Amazon, losing your business and your freedom. Most of the time a person will just get blocked by Amazon for no reason. Not only that but without notice.

If you’re ready to get back on Amazon and learn the step-by-step techniques tested and proven to create successful Amazon seller accounts then you need to read Amazon Ghost.

Stop the guessing games, stop trying to do it yourself. Why waste hours upon hours of research when the complete step-by-step guide is here in front of you. Time is money. Read that again, time is money. Think about it.. how much money are you not making right now because you’re unable to sell? Wouldn’t you like to get back to selling today? That’s how fast most readers of Amazon Ghost get a new account up in running. Or do you want to mess around for weeks on end with hear say information floating around the web. Amazon is the most advance online marketplace with bank level tracking and linking of accounts. You need help, you need Amazon Ghost.

Good luck to you!

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