Selling on Amazon could be quite profitable. In fact, plenty of people have been using Amazon as an alternative means of earning money online. Some even work full time on Amazon and focus on it 100% for their own online business.

Like any other community, Amazon has established its own rules and policies that all users must comply with. Anyone who violates those rules will be punished accordingly, either in the form of a suspension or worse, getting completely banned from their system. While it is true that they have dealt with such problems in a reasonable fashion, their system is also far from being perfect. From time to time, users would have their accounts suspended, blocked or banned for no apparent reason at all. Here is where Amazon Stealth accounts come into effect.

Just what exactly are Amazon Stealth accounts? See, when you registered on Amazon, you were asked for personal information as part of the registration process. All those information were stored on their database. When you get suspended or banned, the first thing that comes into your mind is to create a new account, right? When you create a new account, you go through the same process as you did when you first created one. But the catch is, Amazon will find out that you have previously created an account, and thus will prohibit you from a successful account creation.

Amazon Stealth account’s mainly functions as an account that will pass Amazon’s security system. It basically is an account that won’t get linked to your old identity. You can continue doing your business online in case your old account gets suspended or banned.

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Originally posted 2011-03-11 23:03:49.