Amazon Account Suspended (Amazon Ghost)

An Amazon suspension is sadly pretty common these days. From my experience 1 in 10 sellers will have their Amazon account suspended one way or another. This is obviously a scary and troubling experience for sellers, especially when you don’t know the reason why Amazon suspended your account (aka blocked account). Sometimes your account may get banned because you did something unintentionally, you had low feedback or too many claims against you. It’s always good to do as much as you can to prevent a suspended account because once you’re blocked/suspended from Amazon you’re going to have a difficult time getting back on. The good thing is if you have been suspended by Amazon there is a guide called “Amazon Ghost” which in my opinion is the ultimate guide to getting back on Amazon and staying on after a suspended account. It teaches you how to avoid linking your accounts and how to keep your stealth accounts up and running for years. Amazon Ghost will eliminate all the troubles related to suspended accounts and is beneficial in understanding the causes & solutions for your account suspension.

There are a lot of reasons why your account may be suspended by Amazon. If you make another account after deleting cookies or by changing your Internet Protocol (IP) address, your accounts will still be linked and suspended. We know that it’s a difficult situation to deal with. However, we have come up with the solution to overcome this problem. Amazon Ghost will teach you step-by-step techniques that will help you get back on Amazon and stay on after a suspension.

Some of the reasons Amazon will suspend and block your account:

  • Buyer Remorse (a complaint from a buyer)
  • Feedback Extortion
  • Selling High Risk Items
  • Not Following Through With Orders
  • Low Feedback Score
  • and more.

Let us make you aware of the fact that Amazon, in any case, will not allow you to create a new account with the same old credentials. Amazon’s system is so powerful that it will trace and link your identity in no time and get your new account banned immediately. Amazon Ghost e-Book is the key to creating a new stealth Amazon account. The guide was designed after months of research and testing. All the techniques listed in Amazon Ghost are effectively tested and practiced. It is advisable to purchase your copy today and get an edge over your competition. It’s a small price to pay to keep your business running and money in pocket. Good luck!

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Amazon Account Suspended

Your Amazon account is suspended, now what? I hear it all day long, someone gets one negative feedback and Amazon says enough is enough and will suspend your account. They hold your funds for 90-days and if you’re lucky you’ll get a email letting you know what happened. If you’re unlucky Amazon will simple delete your account and let you figure out what to do next. Seriously Amazon will delete your account without a word. When you try to login you won’t be able to. You’ll get a notice saying your password is incorrect. Even if you reset your password it won’t help things. That’s just one way Amazon let’s you know they suspended your account.

If you have recently been suspended by Amazon let me know about it. We all make mistakes and I feel we shouldn’t be punished and suspended without warning. Even BRAND NEW accounts are shut down even before sending out any items. It happens all the time! Amazon will suspend your account just because.

If you want to get back on Amazon and you’re tired of being suspended then you’re going to need Amazon Ghost. It’s a complete step by step guide to getting back on Amazon without being linked or suspended again. If you read the guide already, then let me know how it worked for you.

Good luck everyone!

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Amazon Suspension

Have you recently received a suspension notice from Amazon? Is your account blocked and funds being held for 90-days?

The reason Amazon suspends an account is usually due to low feedback, complaints against you, the type of items you’re selling or they link you to blocked or suspended account and decide to shut you down. It’s not fair right?

It’s said that only around 10% to 20% of customers actually leave feedback. It’s a chore on it’s own to get enough feedback to make Amazon happy. On top of that what if you’re too slow on delivery.. one complaint against a brand new account is usually enough to get a suspension. Not to mention a complaint of the QUALITY of items you’re selling is usually an instant suspension for any seller. Selling high-end items on Amazon is risky business.

After an Amazon suspension you can attempt to fight it and reply back for reinstatement (Amazon will listen) but the chances of getting your account back is pretty slim. Especially for A-to-Z issues or selling high-risk items. If you just made a simple mistake for example slow delivery of items you may get a second chance and get your suspension reversed. I wouldn’t hold you breath for a reinstatement though.

There are ways to get back on Amazon after a suspension. If you’re trying to get back on Amazon and you’re having a hard time let me here about it and I’ll try to help.

Post you questions in the comments section.

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