If your Amazon seller account has been suspended or blocked by Amazon, then keep reading. Thousands of people each day are blocked by Amazon for little to no reason. You could be happily selling one day and the next shut down forever! What happens when you lose your account? Your account is blocked, even removed completely sometimes. Yes, you will try and login to your Amazon account only to find it completed removed.

So how do you get back on Amazon after losing your account? Well, the first thing you need to do is to clean your computer. Amazon is able to track your IP address, browser cookies, flash objects, personal account details among other things to link you to a previous blocked account. Amazon’s way of tracking and linking your accounts is MUCH more advanced then eBay or PayPal. I even suspect they utilize 3rd party websites to track members. You know those websites that display Amazon advertising? Amazon can easily utilize these sites to track you. In other words Amazon is everywhere. Any Amazon affiliate can be a spy linking your accounts if you’re not careful.

I recommend reading Amazon Ghost if you want to learn how to get over your Amazon suspension and blocked accounts. The guide will shows you how to create new Amazon accounts without becoming linked and shut down again. It shows you step by step what you need to do to create your accounts. It lists ways to create your account without get suspended over and over again. It was created with advance and notice users in mind.

If you have been blocked by Amazon and you want to get back to selling, then read Amazon Ghost today.

Good luck!

Originally posted 2012-05-10 18:54:24.