Amazon Ghost (Amazon Stealth eBook) is a book which aims to help those who have had their Amazon accounts blocked. It is relatively easy to recover an account on eBay or PayPal, but it’s a completely different story on Amazon. Amazon uses very advanced techniques and tools to trace identities. If you fail to follow Amazon’s rules then your account will be suspended without any notification from Amazon. If you are fortunate enough you will receive an email from Amazon mentioning the reason behind the suspension. However, in many cases, Amazon bans accounts without prior notification. In such cases, every time you try to login to your Amazon account, all you will get is a message stating that “Password is incorrect”. This is the one ways Amazon likes to let you know that your account is suspended. You may attempt to reset your password but that effort would just go to waste. And like rubbing salt to a wound, Amazon will also hold your funds for at least 90 days.

Of course, it is possible that you made a mistake unintentionally, but this doesn’t have to mean that your account should be suspended without any notification or warning. But we can’t deny the fact that this is Amazon’s policy, and we can absolutely do nothing about it. What we can do is, legally follow some steps that will help you get back on Amazon and continue selling.

But the question is this: Where will you get that information? The answer is really simple. All answers are systematically incorporated in Amazon Ghost (amazon stealth eBook). You can avail this eBook in order to effectively deal with Amazon’s policies and suspension. The steps and techniques required to get you back on Amazon have been heavily researched laid out in step-by-step fashion to get you back on Amazon and quickly as possible without any further lost accounts.

We know how vexing it is to find your account banned without even a single idea why and how it happened. We can help you avoid this situation by following the steps outlined in the Amazon Ghost (Amazon stealth guide). This eBook will not only tell you the possible reasons behind the suspension but will also teach you how to overcome such situations. We understand your aggravation of being suspended by Amazon and offer you the complete step-by-step solution to get your Amazon account back!

Good luck!

Originally posted 2011-01-25 15:03:23.