In any situation, a suspended or blocked account is a bane to our daily lives. We have to go through all of the hassles of not being able to continue any transaction because we are prohibited to, due to the account being under suspension. The same is true about Amazon.

Amazon started out by selling books online, and has branched out to selling other things, with DVDs, music CDs, electronics and toys to name a few. If you are familiar with eBay, then you should have an idea of what and how Amazon works.

The greatest problem that users could ever encounter is account suspension. In fact, a lot of people have fallen victim to Amazon Suspension. They log on to their account, only to find out that they can’t because they are suspended. Or they might have gotten a letter from Amazon saying that their account is subjected to suspension. In some cases, the user doesn’t even know the reason behind the Amazon Suspension.

The Amazon Suspension could stem from various reasons, but all of them due to violations of certain rules imposed by Amazon. Users who got suspended won’t be able to login to their accounts, and is prohibited from doing any transactions. It is a very sticky situation indeed to those who are using Amazon as a means of generating income.

Luckily, there’s a way around that problem. Ever heard of stealth accounts? Normally, when people get suspended or banned, they won’t be able to create new accounts, thanks to Amazon’s sophisticated tools that track and link people’s identity. Stealth accounts address that problem. As the name suggests, it is an account that can sneak past Amazon’s defenses, thus allowing the uses to have an account back at Amazon. Thanks to that, Amazon Suspension could easily be solved.

To know more about stealth accounts and how to create them, try getting a copy of Amazon Ghost. Amazon Ghost is your guide to stealth accounts and everything there is to know about Amazon.

Originally posted 2011-03-18 23:07:39.